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  • Renew your NSBE membership for the year.
  • Have a verified GPA in your membership profile. (For more information on GPA Verification)
  • Complete and update the following fields in your membership profile: education level, major, citizenship status, chapter and region.
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Edward E. Barnette Jr. Community Impact Scholarship
National Society of Black Engineers | Professionals

Edward E. Barnette Jr. was an ambitious leader, who set high goals for his life, and pursued them with uncommon passion and energy. Ed chose to study Industrial Engineering at Purdue University during a time when 8 of 10 black freshmen dropped out every year. As an incoming senior, he and other black seniors felt a responsibility to help underclassman. In the fall of 1971, Ed went to Dr. Arthur Bond, an Electrical Engineering PhD candidate at the time, and asked for help. With Dr. Bonds guidance, Ed drafted a constitution for Purdue’s Black Society of Engineers, and Edward E. Barnette, Jr. became the founding President. Among those Ed was determined to help, were six black freshmen, later to be known as NSBE’s own Chicago 6.
As a professional, Ed continued to serve, support, and embody NSBE’s mission. Ed was a successful senior corporate executive with the Digital Equipment Corporation, and at the same time, always mindful of his responsibility to inspire, help, and mentor the younger black engineers. For his accomplishments, Edward Barnette was declared one of the “Outstanding Young Men in America”. The Purdue University NSBE Chapter recognized his priceless contributions to our cause by establishing an annual scholarship in his name. Fittingly, Mr. Barnette was NSBE’s first recipient of the Golden Torch Award for outstanding academic, industry, and community achievements. “Big Ed,” was a beloved husband, father, fraternity brother, and friend to many, many people. He personified “positive impact” for our Society and his early vision enabled us to see a brighter day for our people.

This scholarship requires a nomination from a NSBE Professionals chapter.

Here’s a link to the nomination form to send to a chapter representative. Need to be connected to a NSBE Professional’s chapter e-mail: For more information about the scholarship reach out to:


  • GPA Requirement: 2.5 or higher
  • Majors: Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Business, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial/Systems Engineering, Information Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, Marine Engineering, Materials Engineering, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Physics, Software Management, Technology
  • Regions: 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Classification: High School Seniors (PCI/NSBE Jr.), Collegiate Students (min. two semesters from graduation), Non-traditional (Professional Affiliate Members, non-bachelor’s holding), Post-graduate (YTP/Professional)
  • Residency Status: U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident, Non-U.S. Citizen
  • Award Amount: $2,000
  • Number of Awards: 5

To view and apply for scholarships, you must:
  • Renew your NSBE membership for the year.
  • Have a verified GPA in your membership profile. (For more information on GPA Verification)
  • Complete and update the following fields in your membership profile: education level, major, citizenship status, chapter and region.
If you are unable to access scholarship applications, please review your NSBEconnect profile to ensure the information above is updated.


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  • GPA Requirement: 3.0 or higher
  • Majors: Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial/Systems Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering, and Software Engineering
  • Purdue Applicants Only: Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, and Industrial Engineering Technology.
  • Regions: Member of Howard University Collegiate Chapter, Member of Purdue University Collegiate Chapter, Member of North Carolina A & T Chapter
  • Classification: Undergraduate Sophomore
  • Residency Status: US Citizen, Permanent Resident, Non- US Citizen
  • Number of Awards: 15
  • Award Amount: $15,000 per student
  • Application Close: September 30, 2021 (Purdue & Howard applicants) and (North Carolina A & T applicants)

NSBE Golden Torch Awards

Golden Torch Awards

The National Society of Black Engineers is the premier organization serving African Americans in engineering and technology. As a technical community service association, NSBE is the link between the African American community and the world of technology.

NSBE supports and promotes the aspirations of professionals, students and pre-college students. The mission the founders set forth in 1975, “To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community, “ has blossomed into an organization with chapters worldwide.

The Annual Golden Torch Awards link the accomplishments of distinguished African- American engineers and technical professionals with college bound dreams of pre-college students. Since its inception GTA has served as a night to honor the best and the brightest in technology.

What is GTA?

The Golden Torch Awards (GTA) recognizes excellence among technical professionals, corporate, government and academic leaders, and university and pre-college students. These awards illustrate the possibilities that can be cultivated through support and responsibility. The proceeds of GTA are used to create college scholarships for gifted high school students.

History of GTA

The idea of the Golden Torch Awards came under the vision of the Executive Director Mr. Charles Walker in 1998. Mr. Walker believed since NSBE is a major force in increasing the number of blacks into the science, technology, engineering, and math fields, NSBE should also highlight the best and brightest in the industry. After the vision of Golden Torch Awards came into existence a proposal was submitted to the National Executive Board and was approved. Once approved a steering committee was put in place to execute the vision and make it a reality. The first Golden Torch Awards took place at the 25th Annual National Convention in Anaheim, California.

The Golden Torch Awards is the closing extravaganza on the annual convention. The Golden Torch Awards is the culminating awards ceremony of the society. Each year, this event honors the highest academic achievers and celebrates industry leaders in technology. Formerly a private ticketed event, in recent years the Golden Torch Awards has been made open to all conference participants and is the highest attended event of the week.

NSBE scholar - Dominique Barnes

Obtaining this NSBE scholarship means I do not have to work 20+ hours a week at a part-time job while simultaneously maintaining a high GPA and leadership involvement on campus. I am able to focus on developing myself academically and professionally without having to stress about how I will be able to pay for my tuition and textbooks. The NSBE scholarship has given me peace of mind so I will be able to excel academically.

Dominique Barnes - Region 3 | The University of Florida
NSBE scholar - Whitney Whitfield

Being a NSBE Scholarship Recipient has positivity impacted my life by providing me the funds to pay of my remainder balance for the 2018-2019 school year. This Scholarship has helped me to continue my degree in Architectural Engineering by giving me the courage and motivation to keep going no matter what my circumstances are. Thank you so much and I am internally grateful.

Whitney Whitfield - Region 3 | Tennessee State University
NSBE scholar - Chima Chukwuemeka

NSBE scholarships significantly contributed to alleviating the financial challenges that I faced in my pursuit of an engineering degree. The scholarships granted me the opportunity to contribute toward fulfilling the legacy and overcoming the challenges that otherwise would have hindered my propensity to excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. The best way to show gratitude is by paying it forward to ensure NSBE vision.

Chima Chukwuemeka - Region 3 | Tennessee Technological University
NSBE scholar - Jayla Cornelius

Receiving the NSBE scholarship has helped my family out tremendously. It makes me feel great that I can help take some of the financial burden off of my parents. It has also provided me with confidence because it has shown me that people support me and my dream of becoming a professional Civil Engineer. I am grateful for this amazing opportunity and wish to make the most out of the next four years.

Jayla Cornelius - Region 3 | Princeton University
NSBE scholar - Cameron Owens

Receiving a NSBE scholarship has strongly impacted my pursuit of an engineering degree in a positive way. It is due to gracious scholarship programs as such that I'm even able to pursue a college education. Furthermore, my NSBE scholarship has enabled me to shift my focus to my academics instead how I can afford my academics. Thank you, NSBE.

Cameron Owens - Region 4 | Indiana Institute of Technology
NSBE scholar - Nathan Ankomah-Mensah

Receiving an NSBE Scholarship has helped me tremendously. At the time when I was writing my scholarship letter, I was desperate for funding so that I can finish my undergraduate degree. The scholarship came just in time to help me focus my time and effort into my education. As a result of this focus, I was able to achieve a 4.0 during my final semester of undergrad.

Nathan Ankomah-Mensah - Region 1 | University of Rhode Island
NSBE scholar - Olaniyi Arowojolu

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to NSBE for the BCA scholarship that I was awarded. With the scholarship fund, I was able to purchase the recommended study materials for the NCEES Civil-Structural Professional Engineering (P.E.) license exam which I successfully passed. Getting the P.E license while in graduate school is such a rare feat, that I was awarded an outstanding graduate student award by the University of Idaho Graduate Professional Student Association (GPSA) with the committee testament on my “distinguished academic and scholarly contributions, strong leadership initiatives reflected in community outreach and a focus on improving minority opportunity and access”. Such testament aligns with NSBE mission statement of increasing the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

Olaniyi Arowojolu - Region 6 | University of Idaho
NSBE scholar - Dominic Ezemenaka

I was filled with gratitude when I got the scholarship award’s congratulatory message! The fund came at the most critical time when its absence might have severed my continued academic excellence. I was able to buy more academic resources that are still paving way for my quality research, whist still helping me maintain my Apex scholarly position; the latter being perfectly in line with NSBE’s mission of greatly increasing the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

Dominic Ezemenaka - Region 3 | University of Alabama at Birmingham
NSBE scholar - Robin Ryce

With this scholarship, I will be able to continue to develop myself as an electrical engineer and as a leader on my campus with no financial worries. This upcoming semester I will be going into my core electrical engineering classes, where I will be able to learn more in depth about hardware, while being able to explore software on my own time. In addition, I will be able to continue to make an impact on my campus and in my community through my NSBE Chapter.

Robin Ryce - Region 4 | University of Michigan Ann Arbor
NSBE scholar - Michael Hiraldo-Santana

The NSBE Scholarship has allowed me to place focus on my academics, NSBE Chapter, and volunteer opportunities! I have been able to develop the Iowa State NSBE Chapter through sponsorships and have begun helping develop a 50k's Coalition 5K at Iowa State. This 5K will raise awareness and donate to the 50K Coalition’s goals which are to produce 50,000 diverse engineering graduates annually by 2025.

Michael Hiraldo-Santana - Region 5 | Iowa State University
NSBE scholar - Jasmine Andrade

Receiving the NSBE scholarship has positively impacted my pursuit of an engineering degree. The scholarship has lifted the financial burden creating a balance between work, school and involvement. Receiving this scholarship personally allowed me to focus more on school instead of the economic aspects and allowed me to contribute to the flourishing of diversity on my campus.

Jasmine Andrade - Region 1 | Wentworth Institute of Technology
NSBE scholar - Jonathan Berry

Receiving this scholarship helped to relieve stress, which allows me to focus on my classes and NSBE chapter even more. I'm truly thankful that NSBE was able to help myself and other students in achieving the goals of the mission statement.

Jonathan Berry - Region 4 | The Ohio State University
NSBE scholar - Mayowa Akintola

As a recipient of the NSBE scholarship, this fund has facilitated the creation of an avenue in which I have the necessary means to procure required books, access online journals, attend conferences and network with experts and young researchers in the field. This opportunity granted fosters the generation of positive ideas and future collaborations that will help me support continuously the black community.

Mayowa Akintola - Region 3 | Florida A&M University (FAMU-FSU College of Engineering)
NSBE scholar - Ayodele Awotunde

The Study Abroad Scholarship enabled me to go to Panama last semester on an engineering immersion program. At Panama, I was able to conduct water quality projects which was really special as I was able to directly apply knowledge I learnt in a Industrial Waste and Solids Class I had taken previously. I am very grateful for NSBE for providing me with this opportunity!

Ayodele Awotunde - Region 2 | Villanova University
NSBE scholar - Dudley Moore

Receiving this scholarship granted me with the funds I needed to continue my studies in my graduate program. I was able to reach doctoral candidacy, and it brought me great fulfillment knowing that NSBE believed in me and what I was doing to better the world around me.

Dudley Moore - Region 3 | The University of Alabama
NSBE scholar - Christian Ogundipe

Aside the monetary value of the scholarship, it also served as a reinforcement of an excellent academic standing. When I got the scholarship congratulatory email, I was elated and further encouraged to keep working hard towards achieving a stellar performance in my engineering education. For that I say Thank You to NSBE.

Christian Ogundipe - Region 5 | Texas A&M University, Kingsville
NSBE scholar - Houston Green

Since receiving the John Deere Corporate Scholarship, I have earned a job offer in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Production Program Office through a summer internship and become Vice President of our UT Tyler NSBE Chapter. Awarded scholarship money allowed me to attain these honors through focusing on academic success, job performance, and professional development. Giving back is important, and I would like to pass along the gifts I received to as many NSBE students as possible during my senior year. Thank you John Deere and NSBE for the opportunity to work hard and be rewarded, blessed, and full of gratitude!

Houston Green - Region 5 | Texas at Tyler Houston Engineering Center
NSBE scholar - Savaughn Anderson

Fist off, without this scholarship I wouldn't have graduated as soon as I was able to due to financial aid canceling grants to my student account. This scholarship was a blessing in disguise and it came at the right time. I also gained superior confidence after receiving this scholarship and my motivation is at an all time high. I believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Thank you once again NSBE for helping me graduate and believing in me.

Savaughn Anderson - Region 5 | Texas State University
NSBE scholar - Mubarak Ibrahim

Receiving a NSBE scholarship has significantly removed the burden of worrying about obtaining finances to cover my school expenses. I have been able to focus more on classes, NSBE activities, and other club activities I am fond of and become a greater participant.

Mubarak Ibrahim - Region 3 | Mississippi Valley State University
NSBE scholar - Sydney Johnson

Thank you for the opportunity to be a NSBE Fulfilling the Legacy Scholar!
The scholarship has enabled me to participate in an overseas STEM program focused on understanding the different industries in Morocco, the challenges in each sector, and how they operate in a political and cultural context. This program will be my first time traveling outside of North America and will better inform my engineering career path as someone considering working in renewable energy. Thanks NSBE!

Sydney Johnson - Region 6 | University of Tennessee, Knoxville
NSBE scholar - Corrinne Cassel

Receiving the Fulfilling the Legacy Scholarship has helped me continue to fulfill the legacy. It has allowed me to continue to be very active in my NSBE chapter whilst being a student and working to excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.

Corrinne Cassel - Region 5 | University of Texas at Austin
NSBE scholar - Brandon Gurrell

Being awarded a NSBE Scholarship has helped my engineering journey a great deal especially as an international student. I was notified that right before the annual national conference and was able to meet and network a number of NSBE professionals just from being a scholarship recipient. Applying for the scholarship was very easy and straightforward. I would implore all Engineering student to apply!

Brandon Gurrell - Region 4 | Kettering University
NSBE scholar - Kendra Ford

Receiving a NSBE scholarship helped relieve the financial burdens that were present during my senior year. I was able to continue volunteering, participating in extracurricular, and succeeding academically without having to worry about how I was going to pay off my tuition.

Kendra Ford - Region 3 | University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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